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Seeds in a Time of Quarantine

She stepped onto the mulched path, holding her breath in the silence that spoke of the times. Cars didn’t rush past. Feet didn’t slap against the pavement just beyond the fence. Shouts from passersby didn’t punctuate the afternoon. It was only the sound of her feet sinking into the ground and the birds that knew nothing other than spring had arrived. As she approached the small patch of the dirt in the back corner of her yard, she lifted her [...]

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Dear January 2017 Self – 1,000 Followers

Dear January 2017 Self, I see your pain, your ache, your frustration from a dream squelched and festering beneath the surface. I know how seeing other people pursuing writing dreams opens a jealousy that makes you hate that you ever wanted to write. I know your confidence in writing is hovering imperceptibly above zero. I know you’re still licking the wounds from college, wishing you could un-hear the jeers and jokes made at your expense in your creative writing class. [...]

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Where Life and Writing Meet

My very first published-in-print essay is coming out in the Flourish Motherhood magazine next month (you can preorder it here if you are interested). I submitted this essay back in January, at a time when some family health issues were reaching a head, and we had finally received a diagnosis (that I really, really didn’t want). I was frustrated, and I was angry, and I was so, so tired. So, logically, I submitted an essay on finding peace despite our [...]

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