Esther 4:14

With God, There are No Coincidences

When I tell people parts of my testimony, people sometimes chalk up the most amazing occurrences to “coincidence.” But, with God, there IS no coincidence. Last night, I was wading through emails for research for my novel. The experience I’m basing my novel off of has a whole slew of emails related to it. I had forgotten I had even saved them. I thought they were all sent to an email address that I no longer had. But, I found [...]

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Perhaps This is the Moment

I am “Mommy” to two daughters. Our oldest is four. She is tall and gangly like her daddy and is often mistaken for being five. From day one she has been Miss Independent. She only needs snuggles if she’s sick. She also decided on her own sleep schedule as an infant. She rarely slept for more than two hours at a time for her first fifteen months of life and gave up naps before her second birthday. She takes a [...]

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