“God Intended it for Good”

I originally sat down to write a completely different blog post. I was struggling to write it, and I stopped and prayed that my words would be true. If I’m going to write this blog with the hope of it being a true testimony of what God is doing, I want to be certain I am always a good representation of Jesus. One of the quotes I was going to use for that blog post was from Nehemiah 6, but as [...]

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Nehemiah and the Kinder Egg

This week has been a test of motherhood. There are weeks of being a mom that are carefree and easy going, and then there are weeks like this where everyone is grumpy and in tears by the end of each day. I happily went to church last night for Wednesday Night Bible Study with the sole purpose of having a kid-free few hours. It’s not the best motivation, but it is what it is. I was beat. When our pastor [...]

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