Chocolate Milk Lessons

Several years ago, before our kids were born, my husband and I started buying half gallons of organic, grass-fed milk in glass jugs. I loved buying good milk, and I loved the reusable jugs. During one shopping trip, I spotted a quart of grass-fed, glass-bottled chocolate milk. I wanted so badly to try it, but I’m frugal, and that kind of milk is already expensive. The added expense of chocolate was too frivolous. So, I passed it by. A handful [...]

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The Work of Waiting

I love the beginning of winter because of Christmas and the added coziness that bundling up brings. But, come February, it all starts to get a little dreary. The lights and festivities are long gone and the clean sweep of January has gathered a layer of dust. In the Pacific Northwest, the weather tends to only be varying shades of gray. On the Willamette Valley floor, we rarely even see snow. The sky stays gray, the pavement is gray, and [...]

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