Find Your Passion

When I started all of my previous creative endeavors, I always was discouraged when I hit my endpoint and gave up. I was completely burnt out on each, and the effort I put into it was not worth the results. I would look at all the other successful bloggers or makers, and I would honestly wonder what made me so lazy. Why were they succeeding in their projects and businesses? Why did I not follow through on any of it? [...]

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Remembering Promises

adapted from post originally written July 29, 2016 A Master’s student who taught the creative writing class I took in college told me that I wasn’t allowed to write based off of real life stories that were unbelievable. “These things just don’t happen,” she insisted. “No one will ever believe you.” She detested my writing and loved passing down writing edicts. But, since this blog is not fiction, I guess this one time I am allowed to write out unbelievable [...]

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Passions and Distractions

I’m currently in the amassing stage of writing: gathering “tools” I “need” to write. But really, I am just procrastinating – pushing off the inevitable blank page and real work I’ll need to start on a novel. A novel that I have no shadow of a thought about its contents. What I do have is an office full of quasi-creative side business leftovers. I started and stopped three different businesses and blogs. All of these endeavors were a sugar rush: [...]

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