When I started all of my previous creative endeavors, I always was discouraged when I hit my endpoint and gave up. I was completely burnt out on each, and the effort I put into it was not worth the results. I would look at all the other successful bloggers or makers, and I would honestly wonder what made me so lazy. Why were they succeeding in their projects and businesses? Why did I not follow through on any of it?

This was not who I’ve ever been.

I’m the type of personality that cannot leave things undone. I finish reading a book, even if I don’t like it (with the exception of raunchy books, I just won’t read those). I only once missed doing homework my entire school career. In college, I went to every single class, except for when I was deathly ill. I even went and gave a speech in my speech class in college with a 102 fever because my professor threatened an “F” if we didn’t show up to present. (He let me go home after my speech when he realized how sick I was.) I just didn’t give up, and I pushed through always.

So what was it about my handmade businesses and my former blog that made me give up?

I realize now that it’s because it wasn’t my “thing.” I was avoiding writing, the activity that always excited me and pushed me forward. Writing was the activity I always dreamed of doing as a kid. I knew as a young child that I was a writer.

Those other handmade sellers? Maybe it’s that they love hand lettering or making signs or sewing or making stationery. Maybe they get up every morning to create because that’s what fuels them; it’s not what burns them up.

I joined a writing group last week. And, it spurred me on to set a concrete goal for finishing my novel. The date stands at September 30th, less than six months away. And, joining that group was the kick I needed. In the last week, I wrote 5,000 words, crushing my goal of 2,000. (For the record, I am finally admitting that setting goals actually does make a difference for writing.) I sit down and write for a few hours, and I write 1,000 words. It comes easier to me than any of the other projects ever did.

So, find your niche, find your passion and go after that. Don’t get sidetracked like I did, because all those other things aren’t sustainable.
Your passion is sustainable.